EZ-FLO Surface Mount Non-Footed | $101-$111

DL Technology, LLC

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.250 long - $101.00
.350 long - $111.00

The DL Technology EZ-FLO surface mount non-footed needles are custom-designed for a variety of precision applications.

Each needle is machined from solid stainless steel as opposed to rolled tubing. The resulting smoother internal profile enhances material flow and consistency.

The chamfered needle tip is finely ground in a conical direction to allow for better material release.

Non-footed needles are used mostly for conductive epoxies, but also for SMD epoxy, solder paste, and other materials. They are available in 12 to 32 gauges in .25 (6.35mm) and .35 (8.89mm) lengths.

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